AEJMC Council of Divisions Assessment Process and Schedule

The AEJMC Bylaws require that all divisions and interest groups file an annual report on their activities during the current year. These reports are due each year no later than June 15. These reports are used during each group’s assessment process.

Each group is assessed every five years by an Assessment Committee comprised of one member of each elected standing committee and the chair and vice chair from the Council of Divisions. The officers of each group being assessed in any given year will meet with the Assessment Committee during the annual conference and discuss the group’s activities and projects over the five-year period. It is also a time to discuss future ideas and activities that the group may want to explore.

The current assessment schedule is pasted below:

Conference 2015
Communication Technology
Cultural and Critical Studies
Media Management and Economics
Religion and Media IG
Small Programs IG
Political Communication IG

Conference 2016
Comm Theory and Methodology
Minorities and Communication
Visual Communication
Participatory Journalism IG
Community Journalism IG

Conference 2017
Mass Communication and Society
Newspaper and Online News
Scholastic Journalism
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender IG
Internships and Careers IG

Conference 2018
Public Relations
Electronic News
Media Ethics
Graduate Student IG

Conference 2019
International and Communication
Law and Policy
Entertainment Studies IG
Sports Communication IG

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