J&C Monographs

Journalism & Communication Monographs
established 1966

Journalism & Communication Monographs presents in-depth, long-form research on specific, critical, and innovative topics within journalism and mass communication.

The mission of J&C Monographs is to provide a venue for scholarly works, particularly those that provide a critical or applied synthesis of significant scholarship. Works especially are encouraged that speak to the broader field of journalism and mass communication that seek to establish Monographs as a readily available resource for understanding and advancing theory, methodology, and/or practice.

Authors will also work with the editor to include meaningful and innovative visual messages that may include photographs, informational graphics, and links to video and other materials through QR tags and other augmented reality technologies. In addition, published authors will be expected to promote the work through various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as participate in interviews presented on the AEJMC website.

Proposals and manuscripts are peer reviewed.
Completed manuscripts are approximately 75 to 100 pages with illustrations.
Published by Sage four times a year. 

Linda Steiner
University of Maryland, USA

Submission Process

Following the practice common for book publication, a scholar must first submit a five to ten page proposal to start the review process.

Although work can be based on previously published articles (full disclosure to the editor is ethically required), accepted manuscripts must be previously unpublished.

The submission procedure is completed in five steps:
1. Peer review of proposal. A proposal must contain the title and abstract, 3-5 keywords, and six brief sections: Thesis and Central Argument, Significance of Research, Major Arguments and Premises, Illustration Ideas with Sources, Potential Audience, and Bibliography.

2. Accepted proposals receive a deadline for completion of the manuscript. Once submitted, the original proposal reviewers will consider the manuscript.

3. If the original reviewers advise further revisions (almost always), authors will submit two files: One that answers and/or addresses all of the comments from the reviewers plus the revised manuscript.

4. A final publication decision is made and your work will be scheduled for publication.

5. Authors will work with the editor to secure permissions for any illustrations and help arrange social media publicity for the work.

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